AstroChem™ Sub-Zero Liquid Ice Melt

AstroChem™ Sub-Zero - Liquid Ice Melt

Safe to Use Ice Melter & Preventer

AstroChem™ Sub-Zero Liquid Ice Melt is available in 1 Gallon Jugs, 5 Gallon Pails and 55 Gallon Drums
AstroChem™ Sub-Zero Liquid Ice Melt is an environmentally responsible ice melter and pre-treat. It is low corrosion, and has no chlorides. This high performance ice melter has a freezing point of -60°F and works at -25°F. Sub-Zero Liquid Ice melt is safe for the environment, biodegeradable and contains NO alcohol or glycols. It is dual purpose for pre-wetting solids or direct application. Safe to use, Sub-Zero Liquid Ice Melt is low toxicity to humans and aquatic life and is pet friendly. Easy to handle, it lasts longer and requires fewer applications, leaving no white residue. Users of this product include transportation officials, public works agencies, property management firms and industrial facilities requiring a high performance liquid deicer. Also suitable for use on outdoor mechanical handling systems such as conveyors and elevators, as well as on walkways, rail switches and virtually all outdoor deicing applications. Sub-Zero Liquid Ice Melt can also be used as an aid to solid deicers in heavy ice situations. A solid deicer is first applied to punch holes in the ice. Then Sub-Zero Liquid Ice Melt is applied over the top. Sub-Zero Liquid Ice Melt penetrates through the holes to the surface breaking the ice to pavement bond so mechanical removal can be more easily accomplished.

How to Use Sub-Zero Liquid Ice Melt:

  1. Prewetting agent : Use as prewetter for road salt and other solid deicers. Application: 1.25 gallons per 100 lb. of deicer or sand.
  2.  Anti-icer – Spray on pavement before precipitation begins. A high traction film form to prevent adhesion of ice and snow, which is then mechanically removed. Uniform coverage and frequent plowing to prevent fluid dilution are important considerations in an anti-icing program. This technique is commonly used to keep bridge decks from freezing. Application: 0.5 gallons / 1000 sq feet.
  3. Deicer- Effective deicer when applied on top of snow and ice. Experience suggests the fluid works best as deicer if applied in narrow bands. Banding fluid minimizes dilution from melting, allowing DE-FREEZE to penetrate to the pavement to break the bonds of ice and snow prior to mechanical removal. Application: near 32 deg F. on thin ice use 1.0 gallon / 1000 square ft. Less then 10 deg F. on 1″ ice use 3.0 gallon / 1000 sq. ft.


  • Environmentally Responsible / Safe for environment
  • Dual Purpose – Pre-Treat and Melt Ice / For prewetting solids or direct application
  • Low Corrosion
  • High Performance
  • Freezing point-60°F, Works at -25°F
  • Biodegradable
  • No Alcohol, Glycols and NO Chlorides
  • Low toxicity to humans and aquatic life
  • Pet friendly – does not burn or irritate pet paws
  • Lasts longer, requires fewer applications
  • No white residue / Does not dry or leave any chloride residue


  • For deicing/anti-icing highways, bridges, parking lots, and other pavements
  • Use on Coat rail, truck beds, non-porous roofs, road signs, etc. so snow and ice do not adhere
  • Keep rail switches open
  • Free manhole covers, truck scales
  • Keep conveyors ice-free
  • Anti-freeze toilet water