Cleaners, Solvents & Chemicals

Cleaners, Solvents & Chemicals

Super Quick Concrete Dissolver

Super Quick Concrete Dissolver is specifically formulated to dissolve built up cement on tools and equipment associated with the concrete ready mix industry. Biodegradable and Non-Acid it is fast and simple and works like magic.

AstroChem® Brick Cleaner

AstroChem® Brick Cleaner is a general purpose acid-free brick cleaner that dissolves mortar smears and construction dirt. It leaves your bricks and masonry looking clean and fresh with no acid burns or streaking. Simply spray on!

Ride-It Rust Converter

Ride It Rust Remover is the latest rust prevention and coating technology for maximum corrosion protection for all iron and steel surfaces. Applies directly over the rusty metal surface – no lengthy surface prep required.

Orange Tar & Asphalt Remover Jell & Aerosol

Orange Tar & Asphalt Remover Jell combines d-Limonene and comes in a spray or in a convenient aerosol. This heavy duty gel removes tar, pitch, asphalt, roofing compounds from tools, forms and brick, stone and masonry surfaces.

AstroChem® Spray Cleaner & Polish

AstroChem® Spray Polish cleans, shines and protects surfaces safely and quickly WITHOUT USING WATER. This great smelling formula contains no harsh solvents and is fortified with PolySeal Protection to give a deep rich shine that protects.

AstroChem® Sub-Zero Liquid Ice Melt

Sub-Zero Liquid Ice Melt is an environmentally responsible ice melter and pre-treat. It is low corrosion, and has no chlorides. Sub-Zero Liquid Ice melt is safe for the environment, biodegeradable and contains NO alcohol or glycols.

Super Quick Concrete Shield

Super Quick Concrete Shield is a heavy duty release agent designed to help protect and keep trucks and equipment clean and looking like new. It is easy to apply, very durable and also protects against rust, corrosion, and oxidation.

AstroChem® Mr. Melt - Ice & Snow Melt

AstroChem® Mr. Melt gives a fast acting and safe granular ice and snow melter. Designed to solve every ice melting problem safely, quickly and economically without mess, excessive labor or inconvenience. With heat catalyst for melting below -15°F.

AstroChem® Streak-Free Plexiglass, Window & Glass Cleaner

AstroChem® Plexiglass, Window & Glass Cleaner is a thixotropic, spot-free, streak- free thick, clinging formula that eliminates overspray waste, saves money and neutralizes odors.

AstroChem® Graffiti Remover

AstroChem® Graffiti Remover is a biodegradable liquid that quickly and safely removes paint and graffiti from non-porous surfaces in one easy step. It also does not contain amil acetate or methylene chloride, so it is safe on hands and skin.

Max Power Drain Unclogger

Max Power Drain Unclogger dissolves hair and soap scum and flushes slime from urinal traps. Eliminates cold water gunk and restores drains to full flow. Max Power Drain Unclogger is a citrus scented Thermo-Chemical drain line maintainer and opener.

Safe-T-Clean Calcium Lime Remover

Safe-T-Clean Calcium Lime Remover is a professional strength, nonabrasive formulation specially designed to quickly dissolve hard water stains, soap scum and buildup. For use on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. No odor and fast acting.

Jet-Force Coil Cleaner

Jet-Force Coil Cleaner features a delayed foaming action to allow the non-acid, non-chlorinated package to attack dirt, grime, soil, deposits, and contaminants from evaporators and condenser coils. Jet force tip propels the foam to its intended target, including hard to reach places.

Freeze Your Nuts Off Penetrating Lubricant

Freeze Your Nuts Off represents the latest breakthrough in penetrating lubricant technology. By combining rapid freezing action with an advanced, rust eating formula, seized or rusted parts are easily released.

Max Power Odor Destroyer

Max Power Odor Destroyer is chemically designed to eliminate smoke odors at their source. Smoke and other strong odors get trapped deep into fabrics and other textiles. Other products attempt to cover up these odors allowing the odors to resurface.

Get The Ice Off De-Icer       

Get The Ice Off De-Icer quickly thaws ice, frost and snow on all equipment, vehicles, handrails and critical areas where ice and snow accumulate. It also helps to prevent ice from forming when used in advance. It is a non-smearing spray that works fast.