Jet-Force Coil Cleaner


Available in 19 oz. Cans
Jet-Force Coil Cleaner features a delayed foaming action to allow the non-acid, non-chlorinated package to attack dirt, grime, soil, deposits, and contaminants from evaporators and condenser coils. Jet force tip propels the foam to its intended target, including hard to reach places. The dual quat foaming action expands and flushes contaminants out of coils and deodorizes drain pans. Fresh citrus scent. No rinse necessary. For use on window and roof-top HVAC units as well as auto radiators, small air-cooled equipment, metal filters, fan blades and more. Cleans, deodorizes, decreases energy costs, and prolongs life of equipment. Directions: Turn off and unplug all electrical equipment. Shake can well, remove cap and inspect for obvious or large contaminants on coils. Saturate the target area. As the foam breaks down, the self-rinsing, flushing action leaves the substrate clean and fresh.