Patches & Repair Products

Patches and Repair Products

Quick Patch

Quick Patch is a revolutionary product for doing instant repairs on most hard surfaces. A one of a kind unique repair patch that uses UV light to transform it into a hard patch which you can sand paint or drill within 10 minutes. Simply Peel it and Seal it.

Quick Wrap

Quick Wrap is a very unique, easy-to-use UV or sunlight activated, self-adhesive repair wrap. It is fiberglass reinforced polyester with extremely good adhesion properties for long lasting repairs. Quick Wrap adheres to most hard surfaces.

Slap Patch

Slap Patch is a rubberized waterproof patch that can bond, seal and repair virtually everything. Perfect for making watertight, durable repairs in wet or underwater conditions. It's very easy to use, just peel and slap it on!

Rapid Repair

Rapid Repair is a very rapid set, high strength ultra low viscosity concrete repair material. This two part system is designed for rapidly rebuilding deeply spalled or damaged concrete surfaces, broken control joints and repairing concrete rapidly.

My Glue

My Glue is an easy-to-use, flexible, non-drip all purpose, underwater epoxy glue. Sticks to wet or dry surfaces and is ok to paint and sand. My Glue resists shock, shrinkage, expansion and vibration. An easy all weather adhesive, that will not drip.